Advantages of the business card depot

How it works

We see ourselves not only as a producer of business cards, but also as a service provider in data management. In order to deliver the same quality on a permanent basis, all sent data/layouts without exception are carefully checked for correctness by us. We will of course inform you of any faulty templates. If necessary, we will correct your data and prepare it for printing. Problems with incorrect colour definitions, incorrect bleed or bad graphics are a thing of the past. Your card is then stored for reprinting and can be retrieved at any time.


By storing your design, your data is retrievable, customizable and permanently reproducible in the same quality. Address changes, the addition of a new employee or the entry of new contact data are therefore no problem for us and, provided we have open data, can be implemented at no cost. 

Small and medium-sized companies in particular can clearly define the purchase quantities for each employee and call them up variably in small quantities at any time.