Samples, typesetting costs and order quantities

Sample packs

Is it possible to send a sample?
Yes. A sample can be sent free of charge. The sending of samples of fine papers must be agreed by telephone.

How many samples can you send?
Up to 3 sample business cards are common.

Is it possible to digitally proof my business card?
You can get a proof of your business card/design for a fee of 10 Euro including shipping. This fee will be charged when the order is placed. Prerequisite for this is printable data.

Typesetting costs and data transfer

What is the hourly rate for graphic work?
The hourly rate is 107.10 Euro (90.00 Euro/net). The hourly rate is calculated for each quarter of an hour or part thereof.

Can you design my business card?
We are happy to take over the complete design of your business card. The account of the organization takes place in the quarter-hourly cycle to 26.78 euro (22.50 euro/netto). Experience has shown that only in exceptional cases is it necessary to spend more than half an hour on the design/data transfer. Higher effort means: repositioning of graphics, vectorization, font research, logo drafts and of course faulty input.

Can you use my designed data?
Yes, your design can be used without charging for data transfer costs. Prerequisite for this is 100% reproducible print data. Subsequent correction or modification of the contents is not possible.

Which data formats do I have to deliver to you?
Corel files (*.cdr) and PDF files according to ISO PDF/X-3 are preferred.

I do not have any print-ready data, but there is a logo. Can you use this?
If you already have a logo, send it to us by e-mail. To ensure an orderly print image, we need your logo and other graphics as vector graphics (preferably EPS, AI, CDR, SVG). Logos from closed data formats such as JPG, PNG can result in an unclean print result.

Can you create a logo?
If you need a new logo, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Save my data for a reprint?
Yes, of course, unless you don't want it.

How can I send you my personal data?
Please send us your data by e-mail to

How much bleed is required?
The data must be created with 1mm bleed. Please set fonts at least 4-5mm away from the edge. Minor deviations in the cutting must be taken into account.

What colour mode is used for printing?
The data must be created in CMYK. With RGB, LAB, HKS, RAL etc. colour deviations may occur and must therefore be reworked before printing. Special and spot colours are not possible and are printed 'simulated'. White printing is not possible.

What printing method is used for printing?
We print exclusively in digital printing. Please bear in mind that full-surface printing is only possible to a limited extent with strongly structured material. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of paper for your design.

Can there be colour deviations?
Despite the latest printing technology, slight colour deviations may occur. Among other things, printing is influenced by the quality of the paper, such as whiteness and running direction or matt or glossy. Climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity at the printing location can influence the print. Such slight softening is within the tolerance range and does not constitute a reason for complaint.

Order quantities

How does the denomination behave? Are different quantities per employee possible?
You decide how the denomination within an order takes place. The minimum denomination is 50 business cards.

How do you bill different quantities?
The total quantity per order counts. 

Are serial prints/single prints possible?
Yes, on request we can produce single prints/serial prints with, for example, consecutive numbering for e.g. club IDs, service cards and membership cards.

Payment option

What payment options are offered?
For orders with shipping we deliver on prepayment. In the case of repeated orders, other terms of payment can be agreed after consultation. If you pay in advance, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail as a PDF file containing our bank details. We will enclose the original invoice with your business cards. Of course you can also pick up your business cards in our shop against cash or EC cash payment. 

Is it possible to have a different billing address?
Yes. Please inform us when placing your order.


How fast can the business cards be sent?
After data release, production normally takes place within 48 hours. After agreement we print in express printing (additional costs) and send the cards on the same day.

How is the dispatch made?
We ship all orders well packed as insured DHL package or DHL world package with proof of shipment.

Can the business cards be shipped more neutrally?
Yes. We can enter you as the sender if you wish.

Shipping costs